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11 Extreme Sports You Should Try In Costa Rica

When you think of Costa Rica, you might imagine relaxing by a pool with a cold beer or strolling down a tropical beach at sunset. While these ways of kicking back and tuning out for a while can be a great way to spend a vacation, but there is another side to Costa Rica.

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Top 7 things to do in Costa Rica

Few countries can compare with Costa Rica’s well-preserved natural beauty. Its many jungles and rainforests are home to a diverse range of rare wildlife and fauna, while its beaches, mountains, and waterfalls provide endless entertainment for adventurers.

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Check out our Affordable Travel Guide to Costa Rica

Costa Rica has been called the happiest country on earth for good reasons. From the warm and friendly spirit of the Ticos (Costa Rican residents) to the peaceful, laidback culture famously summarized as “Pura Vida” (translation: pure life) — it’s one of the most welcoming destinations for volunteers, backpackers and travelers of all sorts.

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Dia de las Culturas in Costa Rica

How better to experience the culture of Costa Rica when you volunteer abroad than by getting involved in the country’s annual celebration of diversity at Dia de las Culturas? This special day takes place in October and recognizes the different cultures that comprise the Costa Rican population.

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Colorful Caribbean culture at Limon Carnival

If you happen to be volunteering in Costa Rica this October, you’ll be just in time to witness one of the nation’s best-loved festivals: Carnavales de Limon. This Mardi Gras-esque event held in the province of Limon celebrates the Caribbean culture of Costa Rica with a full week of fun, food and festivities.

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Scholarship – Maya’s Journal – 5

Tuesday – July 5, 2016

Today was my second day at the center. I have been helping the church group translate in Spanish which is very fun!  It helps learn and improve my Spanish speaking skills, increasing my confidence to speak more fluently without so much premeditation of the words. It is also great just listening to the because I have learned helpful words and phrases.

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5 watersports to try during Costa Rica’s rainy season

Costa Rica is a wonderful destination for a volunteer vacation, even during the rainy season; as well as helping making a difference, you’ll have boundless opportunities to experience the natural beauty of the nation with various activities, including adrenalin-pumping watersports.

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Scholarship – Maya’s Journal – 4

Monday – July 4, 2015                                                 

It was weird not seeing or at least hearing fireworks on the Fourth of July, but we tried to be “as American as possible” by singing traditional songs like the National Anthem and the Pledge of Allegiance. However, the best part of my day involved starting my uVolunteer project.

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