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"I fell in love with the beauty and not just the physical beauty. Thais are genuine and strong, despite how much money they have, the inner beauty and culture makes Thailand a beautiful place" read moreApril Leonard


"As soon as I touched down in Trat I was in love. The place is so inviting and the people so kind. I was met by uVolunteer at the Airport and from there on time just flew" read moreMicquella Galea

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Teaching English

volunter thailand teaching english

Volunteer to teach English in Thailand

Teaching English volunteers in Thailand work with elementary schoolchildren in Trat, creating lesson plans and giving classes to improve students’ speaking and writing skills and build their confidence.

As a teaching English volunteer you’ll plan and deliver lessons for classes of 20 to 30 elementary school pupils, or work with smaller groups to provide more individual assistance. Assist teachers with conversational lessons, encourage pupils to use their English and help out with workshops in the school holidays.

Teaching Computers

volunteer in thailand teach computer

Volunteer to teach IT and computer education in Thailand

Teach ICT to disadvantaged schoolchildren in Trat, helping them master the fundamentals of general computer functionality, Microsoft Office and basic IT tasks to improve their prospects.

As an IT and computer education volunteer, you’ll plan and deliver ICT lessons for children aged from four to 12 at schools across Trat. Volunteers attend various schools over the course of each working week, usually teaching five 50-minute lessons each day covering basic computer skills and use of Microsoft Office.

Sports Education

thailand sports education volunteer

Volunteer to teach sports education in Thailand

Sports education volunteers in Thailand work with elementary schoolchildren in Trat, introducing students to new sports and encouraging youngsters to get fit and have fun.

As a sports education volunteer you’ll plan and deliver PE lessons for children aged from five to 12 at several schools across Trat. Your time and effort can provide youngsters with opportunities they wouldn’t usually receive to experience new sports. You’ll also get involved in inter-school sports contests and encourage children to participate in friendly competitions.

Community Education

Community education volunteering in Thailand

Community education volunteers provide disadvantaged Cambodian youths with the opportunity to learn English, developing their skills and helping them grow in confidence for a brighter future.

As a community education volunteer in Thailand, you’ll teach English to disadvantaged Cambodian children aged from two to 15, helping improve their prospects. Based at the temple school Wat Klong Phet, you’ll also spend time with the children playing games in the outdoor space and being a positive role model for students.

Childcare Center

Volunteer at a childcare center in Thailand

Daycare center volunteers work with three to five-year-olds, helping out with their daily routines, teaching English and organizing fun activities to encourage learning through play.

As a daycare center volunteer, you’ll provide children with the care and attention they need, helping out with their daily routines. Volunteers also organize fun activities, encouraging children through play and song, and give simple English lessons for two hours each day.


Why You Should Visit Thailand For Your Volunteer Vacation?

Volunteer in Thailand – As the only southeastern Asian country not colonized and occupied by a European country, Thailand has retained much of its own cultural identity since its beginnings.

Thailand’s gorgeous landscapes also draw travelers from all over the world. From its lush jungles and mountains to its famous beach resorts like Phuket, this tropical land will surprise and charm you.

But more than the geography, you’ll find that some of the happiest people you’ll ever meet are Thais. Delightful, fun-loving and hospitable, you’ll easily make new friends and acquaintances in your temporary new home country. You’ll also find the delectable Thai cuisine dishes, loved worldwide, on nearly every street corner.

Volunteer in Thailand

Thailand’s public education system is in critical need of assistance

Volunteer in Thailand – With many of its schools and classrooms at or above capacity and with a severe shortage in funding. That is why most of our volunteer abroad opportunities are run in elementary schools. You can either teach children and teens English, computer and IT skills, or physical education.

Thailand’s popularity as a tourist destination has also highlighted the need for its citizens to be knowledgeable or fluent in English and IT. Tourism is one of the leading industries and as such, there is a great need to learn English. Many Thais will want to practice speaking English with you, whether you’re on the bus, at the market or on your walk home from work.

As a volunteer in Thailand, you will be based in Trat, which is located on southeastern coast of the country and is a seaside paradise. You will find that this location provides ample opportunities for sightseeing when you’re not working.

Volunteer in Thailand

The best volunteer holiday possible, and justifiably it’s has been chosen as best of Asia.

Volunteer in Thailand – Remember that you don’t need to have training or qualifications for any of our work placements. As long as you are enthusiastic, passionate and committed, you’ll have an amazing and likely life-changing experience.

And it doesn’t matter if you’re 17 or 70, if you’re a recent graduate or a retiree, or if you’re from the Western or Eastern Hemisphere. You will be welcomed as a volunteer in one of our programs in Thailand.

The Dormitory

Trat Dorm

Your home away from home

Safe and Secure Group Living Most volunteers stay in our volunteer dormitory (the dorm). The dorm is within easy reach of downtown and is the central hub of the program locally.

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