Tuesday – July 5, 2016 Today was my second day at the center. I have been helping the church group translate in Spanish which is very fun!  It helps learn and improve my Spanish speaking skills, increasing my confidence to speak more fluently without so much premeditation of the words. It is also great just listening to the because I have learned helpful words and phrases.

While swinging today, I made friends with a young boy named Derek; he is very well spoken and mature for his age! At the end of the morning, he gave me a yellow cross necklace with beads that he made. That really meant a lot to me!!!

I also met Valery, who has such a bubbly and silly personality. She took my iPhone and was running around taking pictures of me and selfies of herself. I have just been really tired today! So, instead of playing outside like I did all of Monday, I stayed inside and helped with the classroom lesson and crafts.

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