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What if you had the opportunity to change lives, including your own, while on vacation? click this link to learn how!

If you could also work where you’re really needed, doing something personally fulfilling that truly helps people. And what if you could still have time to explore the country during your weekends with like minded friends from all over the world.

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Your volunteering abroad experience...

What is uVolunteer all about? We specialize in an affordable and specialized volunteer work and travel abroad program unmatched by both our larger and smaller competitors.

Our program focuses on three countriesCosta Rica, Ghana and Thailand – we believe these are the top destinations for volunteer tourism in Latin America, Asia and Africa. They all maintain a reputation for being welcoming and safe for single travelers, especially females. Because we work in only these countries, we know them better than other organizations going to a dozen or more destinations…and as well as most locals.

An important part of us providing you with a volunteering experience abroad, is to ensure your personal safety. This is our number one priority and we have several services in place to make sure your trip is stress free. Our inclusive program fee provides you with a meaningful work placement, volunteer dormitory accommodations, meals, medical and travel insurance and a personal in-country support and program coordination. We'll see you every day!

Our staff is right there on site with you, in case you have any questions or concerns that need an answer right away. Rest assured that your volunteer holiday won’t be plagued by problems or hassles or danger.

Work, travel and play as you volunteer abroad!

In our chosen top 3 destination countries, you can participate in Teaching, Sports, Community Development, Healthcare, Conservation & Childcare projects – or a combination of any of the above. You decide where you’d like to do, and you’ll get all the support and training you need to do the job well.

After your volunteering is done for the day, you’ll return to our volunteer hostel (the Dorms) where our program participants stay. You’ll have the chance to meet, interact and make friendships with like-minded people from all over the world.

And don’t think it’s going to be all work and no play. We’ll encourage you to explore your chosen country – not by giving you a strict timetable to follow, but to get out there with your new friends and explore, we'll give you a few suggestions on where to go and how to get there.

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Volunteer Destinations: Top 3 Countries

We have chosen 3 countries with a variety of projects to suit all needs. But more importantly, they are welcoming to independent female travelers.

Latin America
Volunteer Costa Rica

VOLUNTEER IN COSTA RICAParadise on Earth - Eco-Conservation, Turtles, Pacific, Caribbean, Surf, Volcanoes.

Volunteer Ghana

VOLUNTEER IN GHANAThe Friendliest People on Planet - Safe, Cultural Diverse, Animals, Dance, Fun.

Volunteer Ghana

VOLUNTEER IN THAILANDThe Land of Smiles - Exotic, Ancient, Food, Buddhism, Thai Boxing and Beaches.

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An adventure that changes your world and theirs...

The more you put into your uVolunteer work abroad vacation, the more you will get out of it, whether it’s in the job assignment, the interactions with fellow volunteers or touring your host country.

If you’re looking for a volunteer work experience that appeals to your independent spirit then we’d love to have your join our program. Making your difference in the world starts today... we’re looking forward to hearing from you!

Download our Program Brochure and you’ll receive our colorful interactive booklet, which will answer just about every question you might have about our programs.

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Placeholder"For anyone who is unsure about taking the leap, traveling alone or volunteering in another country all I can say is... DO IT! You will not regret volunteering with uVolunteer" Kelsey Hincke

Whether you know exactly what you want or you're completely undecided, our interactive program guide can help. Get one step closer to changing the lives of others and yours.

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