How much does it cost to volunteer abroad?

uVolunteer is an independent organization that does not rely on external funding in order to provide you with our affordable our volunteer abroad programs. All our funding is provided by our volunteers in the form of a program fee. 

Costa Rica

2 Weeks$625€576£489$852$939
3 Weeks$895€824£700$1,220$1,344
4 Weeks$1,125€1,036£881$1,534$1,690
5 Weeks$1,310€1,206£1,025$1,786$1,967
6 Weeks$1,495€1,377£1,170$2,039$2,245
7 Weeks$1,680€1,547£1,315$2,291$2,523
8 Weeks$1,865€1,717£1,460$2,543$2,801
9 Weeks$2,050€1,888£1,604$2,795$3,079
10 Weeks$2,235€2,058£1,749$3,048$3,357
11 Weeks$2,415€2,224£1,890$3,293$3,627
12 Weeks$2,605€2,399£2,039$3,552$3,912

Additional Fees Info


2 Weeks$440€405£344$600$661
3 Weeks$540€497£423$736$811
4 Weeks$640€589£501$873$961
5 Weeks$740€681£579$1,009$1,111
6 Weeks$840€774£657$1,145$1,262
7 Weeks$965€889£755$1,316$1,449
8 Weeks$1,090€1,004£853$1,486$1,637
9 Weeks$1,215€1,119£951$1,657$1,825
10 Weeks$1,340€1,234£1,049$1,827$2,012
11 Weeks$1,470€1,354£1,151$2,004$2,208
12 Weeks$1,600€1,473£1,252$2,182$2,403

Additional Fees Info


2 Weeks$430€396£337$586$646
3 Weeks$510€470£399$695$766
4 Weeks$620€571£485$845$931
5 Weeks$720€663£564$982$1,081
6 Weeks$810€746£634$1,104$1,217
7 Weeks$905€833£708$1,234$1,359
8 Weeks$1,000€921£783$1,364$1,502
9 Weeks$1,110€1,022£869$1,514$1,667
10 Weeks$1,220€1,124£955$1,664$1,832
11 Weeks$1,330€1,225£1,041$1,814$1,997
12 Weeks$1,430€1,317£1,119$1,950$2,148

Additional Fees Info

  • All programs attract a registration fee of US$199 on top of the fee listed above. 
  • All program fees are paid in US Dollars. Currencies are provided here just for reference.

What’s included in the program fee?

  • Included in the fee
  • Volunteer project
  • Airport pick-up
  • Dorm or Homestay  – Accommodation
  • Breakfast and Dinner – Daily
  • Pre-arrival information
  • Local supervision and support
  • FREE Cultural Guide Book
  • In-Country Orientation & city tour
  • Social activities
  • Certificate of completion
  • NOT included in the fee
  • Registration fee
  • International flights
  • Visa costs, if applicable
  • Vaccinations, if applicable
  • Lunches
  • In-Country transportation
  • Travel insurance (mandatory)
  • Airport Drop-Off
  • Weekend travel and tours
  • Personal expenses


Extra costs you will have?



It is your responsibility to purchase a round-trip flight to your program destination. The cost of the ticket will depend on where you live and where you purchase the ticket. There are many websites that offer great deals on flights — we recommend,


Costa Rica and Thailand have a visa upon entry programs with most countries, meaning you do not need to secure a visa in advance. For more information, visit the Costa Rica Embassy or Thailand Embassy websites in your country.

All visitors to Ghana will need to apply for a visa. Depending on where you live, the cost of a visa for Ghana is between $75-$95. For more information visit The Ghana High Commission website in your country.

Travel Insurance

It is mandatory that all participants purchase travel insurance. Your policy should cover you for situations such as medical emergencies, travel disruptions, damaged or lost luggage, and loss of expensive items such as smartphones, laptops and cameras. The cost of your policy will depend on the duration of your trip and what is covered. We suggest you start your search here or

Local Transportation

Travelling to your work placement is an important part of your placement. Depending on the location, some participants can walk to work and others might have to take the local bus. Please budget $1-2 daily for transportation to your placement.


Some projects may provide lunch for volunteers, but most cannot afford to. Participants should use lunchtimes as an opportunity to try the local cuisine. Participants may also use the kitchen at their accommodation to prepare their own meals. Please budget $.50  to $5 depending on destination for lunches.


All our programs have a long 3-day weekend for volunteers to travel and explore their program destinations. During this time, you will be responsible for all your travel expenses. We recommend a weekend budget of $180 for Costa Rica, $80 Ghana and $80 Thailand for your weekends. It is possible to spend much more or less than that depending on your social activities and spending habits.

You will not be able to travel during your first weekend of the program.

Personal expenses

For personal expenses, budget a minimum of $30 weekly for Costa Rica and $10 for Ghana and Thailand.

Airport Drop-off

At the end of your program, you should be able to use public transport to return to the airport. Your coordinators will help you arrange a local taxi service to drop you off or you can use the public bus service. The cost for the bus is around $10  and circa $75 for the taxi service.

I chose uVolunteer because they had really affordable fees and the looked legit. But, I was I so glad of my choice because uVolunteer is a lot more than just cheap fees.

Program Information Brochure

If you are interested in joining the program, you should download and read this program information brochure.

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