Welcome to uVolunteer

We are a small boutique provider of safe and culturally insightful volunteer work placements overseas.

Our program is centered on working with local projects and institutions in need of assistance in Costa Rica, Ghana & Thailand. Most of our participants travel individually to the program but live as a group with other like-minded travellers from all over the world.

We accommodate volunteers in our purposefully created volunteer houses called our ‘dorms’. They are called dorms because volunteers share rooms and sleep in bunk beds dormitory style.

Our Beliefs: Education, Youth Development, Travel & Culture

Our Mission: To make you see the world from a different perspective and learn!

Our History

uVolunteer started as a one country (Costa Rica) program in 2006. Our founder Nathaniel Amponsah (Nat) quit his job and the corporate rat race of London and travelled to Latin America to start the program.

Nat was inspired to create the volunteer organization during his time volunteering and working in Thailand. He credits this period of his life as a life-changing experience that gave him the courage to step of his comfort zone and to follow his dreams.

The dream was to create a volunteer program that was:

  • Affordable, we did not say cheap!
  • Based around group living, so that you can travel alone but not be alone
  • Personal, we want to get to know all of you as friends and family
  • Purposeful, we want to provide meaningful projects and enable our volunteers to explore new destinations and gain real world experiences

And so uVolunteer was born.

Focusing on 3 destinations and with our very own staff working locally in each destination, we are able to build strong and successful links with the local community while providing our volunteers with daily 24/7 support.

This formula has proved to be a recipe for success and we continue to send hundreds of volunteers on the journey of a lifetime each year.

Today uVolunteer provides:

  • Cultural & skills exchange, through direct voluntary action
  • Safe international travel, especially for 1st time & single female travellers
  • Opportunities of authentic, down-to-earth life-changing experiences

Our Difference


We are different because…

1. Our Destinations – We ONLY only send volunteers to 3 amazing destinations. We do this to focus and specialise in the culture and customs of Ghana, Thailand and Costa Rica, so that we become experts in these destinations. But also so that we can provide the personal service we promise to you.

2. Personal Service – Every volunteer is assigned a dedicated coordinator based in-country, who leads pre-arrival, orientation and is personally available to you daily for the duration of your program to assist you, answer any questions, provide information and support.

3. Dorm Accommodation – All our volunteers share safe, secure and comfortable dormitories; your home away form home. The dorm provides you with opportunity to socialize and meet like-minded travelers from around the world. Within our dormitories, you’ll have access to amenities such as Western washrooms, free Wi-Fi access, several chill-out spaces and all the mod-cons you’re used to… and on top of all this,  a personal chef to prepare three meals daily for you.

As a boutique organisation founded by volunteers, uVolunteer is proud to offer an exceptional service, which prioritizes the needs of our volunteers and providing peace of mind at every stage of your volunteer placement, from making your booking to traveling back home.

Our Team


Created by volunteers for volunteers…

We are close-knit team of motivated individuals who love what we do at its core. We’re all volunteers ourselves so we know exactly what it’s like to be in your shoes. We love our jobs because we get to work indoors and outdoors all in one day and we love to show our new arrivals around and introduce them to our friends and community.

Because we are based locally, we do not send you to another local organisation to manage your program. We do this time-consuming work ourselves and thus, are uniquely positioned to anticipating the needs and meet the expectations of our participants on placements in Ghana, Costa Rica and Thailand.  

Our method of working requires all staff to incorporate volunteering as part of their working week.  So you’ll meet your volunteer coordinators daily at your projects, in the dorms, socially and at community events.

Our Organisation

As an international travel company we operate our company on a global level. uVolunteer wholly owns several locally registered subsidiaries in the USA, Canada, Costa Rica, Ghana and Thailand. 

We are set-up to personally manage our volunteers locally in each destination and to run our volunteer program, via a few regional offices,  remotely and online.

Our recruitment and enrollment teams are based out of Vancouver Canada, with regional teams operating in the USA, Europe and Australia.

Head Office
3-3756 Dundas Street
Burnaby, British Columbia

Registered Office
501 Silverside Road
Wilmington, DE 19809

Contact us: www.uvolunnteer.net/contact
By email: info@uvolunteer.net
By telephone: 1-302-241-2159

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