• Program: Volunteer Costa Rica
  • Location: San Ramon
  • Minimum Duration: 2 Weeks
  • Language Requirement: Intermediete Spanish
  • Airport Pick-up: $75
  • Suitable for Groups: No
  • Travel Insurance: No, but mandatory
  • Local Language Class: 1 Week Included
  • Region: Alajuela
  • Project Site: Daycare Center
  • Minimum Age: 18
  • Accommodation: Volunteer Dormitory
  • Meals Included: 2 Meals Daily
  • Suitable for Families: No
  • Start Dates: Every Other Friday
  • Closed Dates: See program guide


As a daycare center volunteer, you’ll work with babies and children aged up to six years at a local government-sponsored facility in San Ramon. These facilities are subsidized for low-income families, providing educational, supportive and safe settings where children can be cared for while their parents go out to work.

Provide hands-on help by teaching little ones numeracy and literacy skills, helping them learn basic English and enriching their lives as a positive role model. Volunteers assist teachers with lessons and help prepare teaching materials, as well as organizing art and craft sessions and planning fun activities. You’re welcome to share any special skills you have that could contribute to the children’s development – download our program brochure to find out more about joining the Daycare Center Program.

Your Role

Daycare center volunteers have a varied role that includes assisting teachers in the classroom, preparing educational materials, leading English practice and organizing arts and craft activities. You’ll also assist with reading, writing and math, supervise mealtimes and recess and provide general care for babies and children up to six years of age.

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Work Schedule

Day care center volunteers work four days per week, from Monday to Thursday. You’ll spend approximately six hours per day working at your placement.

Journey to Project

The day care centers are within 30 minutes walk from our volunteer dormitory.

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