Scholarship – Maya’s Journal – 6


I had a lot more energy today, which was odd because I woke up at 5:45am to go run with Jenna around the 2.5 mile path. It was surprisingly a lot of people out biking and running at 6:00am! Jenna and I also had a really good conversation during our walk to and from the center.

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6 ways to overcome homesickness when you volunteer abroad

Traveling abroad to volunteer is an exciting experience filled with opportunities to discover new culture and customs, make new friends and bring positive change to our world.

Of course, with everything being so different from back home, it’s natural to experience some feelings of apprehension, and getting accustomed to a whole new life can bring with it a touch of homesickness from time to time.

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Getting to know Ghana’s tribes

Renowned as a cultural melting pot, home to more than 100 tribes and ethnic groups, Ghana attracts thousands of international volunteers every year, all keen to experience this unrivaled culture.

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Scholarship – Maya’s Journal – 5

Tuesday – July 5, 2016

Today was my second day at the center. I have been helping the church group translate in Spanish which is very fun!  It helps learn and improve my Spanish speaking skills, increasing my confidence to speak more fluently without so much premeditation of the words. It is also great just listening to the because I have learned helpful words and phrases.

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5 watersports to try during Costa Rica’s rainy season

Costa Rica is a wonderful destination for a volunteer vacation, even during the rainy season; as well as helping making a difference, you’ll have boundless opportunities to experience the natural beauty of the nation with various activities, including adrenalin-pumping watersports.

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Scholarship – Maya’s Journal – 4

Monday – July 4, 2015                                                 

It was weird not seeing or at least hearing fireworks on the Fourth of July, but we tried to be “as American as possible” by singing traditional songs like the National Anthem and the Pledge of Allegiance. However, the best part of my day involved starting my uVolunteer project.

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How to choose a volunteer abroad program provider

If you’ve made the life-changing decision to volunteer abroad, be prepared to make another extremely important choice: which volunteer program to enrol with. There are literally hundreds of companies to sift through, and a similarly broad range of programs – how will you choose?

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Scholarship – Maya’s Journal – 3

Sunday – July 3, 2016

This morning I went for a run, but it ended up being more of a photoshoot because I kept stopping to take pictures of the beautiful scenery!  Then, I had Spanish class with Luis, Gaby’s husband! We went over basic conversations like personal introductions and directions.  

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Scholarship – Maya’s Journal – 1

Maya Evans was the second winner of the uVolunteer Travel Scholarship for 2016. She was awarded a free trip including airfare to our program in Costa Rica. 

During her trip she wrote a daily journal about her experiences and we will be sharing these journal entries with you over the next few weeks. We hope you enjoy them and that they give you an inside perspective of live as a volunteer in Costa Rica.

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Explore Ghana’s heritage when you volunteer abroad

If you want to step into the past on a volunteer vacation to Ghana, don’t miss a visit to some of the country’s most renowned historical landmarks. With more individual heritage sites than any other nation in Africa, Ghana is a treasure trove of fascinating relics from the past.

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Celebrate Songkran Festival in Thailand

If you’re lucky enough to be volunteering in Thailand during mid-April, you won’t want to miss one of the biggest festivals in the nation’s Buddhist calendar: Songkran Festival. The New Year’s celebration, which takes place between April 13th and 15th, comprises all sorts of fun and festivities, including water fights!

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What’s it like being a solo traveler in Thailand?

Millions of people visit Thailand every year in groups, couples and as solo travelers, such is the country’s reputation for rich culture, beautiful natural landscapes and mouthwatering food. The idea of traveling alone can be nerve-wracking but for many people the experience is the perfect opportunity to explore without distraction, make new friends and create memories to cherish.

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What sort of volunteer abroad break is best?

Not all volunteer vacations are created equal; when you decide to volunteer abroad, it’s important to choose an organisation that best fulfills what you want to achieve from your break. While some volunteer firms are fully focused on making a difference, others are tailored to your academic or cultural goals – at uVolunteer, we like to think our vacations offer the perfect mix.

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