While sports may be an important part of their culture, often struggling communities in developing countries lack the resources to make physical education a priority in schools.

Our sports education projects help support physical education teachers in under-resourced public schools and introduce students to new sports while conserving limited school budgets.

There is also the opportunity to work with local coaches with training or you can lead your own classes in a variety of sports local sport centres, and community clubs.

Volunteer responsibilities

  • Planning and delivering lessons under the supervision of a teacher or coach
  • Assisting teachers in preparing sports classes
  • Teaching students about new sports
  • Assisting and participating in sports training, competitions and school events
  • Supervising children during recess and lunch
  • Assisting afterschool sports programs and community teams

Who can volunteer?

You don’t need professional sports experience or teaching qualifications to volunteer in our Sports Education projects. All you need is a passion for sports and a willingness to share your knowledge and motivate students to participate.

However, if you are skilled in a specific sport, or an educated physical education teacher or student, there are many eager students ready to learn from you!

What about the schedule?

Volunteers usually work Monday to Thursday, assisting with sports classes during the school day. Different schools have slightly different schedules so the specific times of classes will vary.  Depending on the school, morning sessions may be for class instruction and afternoon sessions for practice.

Volunteer sports Projects in Costa Rica

Volunteer in Costa Rica in Sports Education

Join our Sports Education Program in Costa Rica and help schoolchildren aged between 8 and 12 learn to love physical activity. Work at under-resourced schools teaching underprivileged third to sixth-grade students about how fun fitness can be and enrich the lives of Costa Rica’s deprived youth.

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Volunteer in Costa Rica in Community Education

You will support children in an underprivileged community center in San Ramón, assisting support workers with classes, program development, setting up outdoor games, and supervising during recess, meals and social activities.

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Volunteer sports Projects in Ghana

Sports Volunteering Ghana

Help disadvantaged high schools students achieve their full potential by planning and delivering practical and theoretical sports education lessons in Ghana. Working at high schools in Koforidua, you’ll give teenagers the opportunity to discover how varied and fun fitness can be, bringing their experiences in line with those of their peers in wealthier areas.

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Volunteer sports Projects in Thailand

Volunteer in Thailand in Sports Education

Sports education volunteers encourage physical activity among public school students and introduce them to new sports. They plan and deliver physical education lessons with a qualified teacher and assist with school events and inter-school competitions.

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Names such as Michael Jordan and Magic Johnson were completely foreign and the concept of dribbling had not previously been taught. My goal was to keep it fun.

Program Information Brochure

If you are interested in joining the program, you should download and read this program information brochure.

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