Our Volunteer Sports Projects

thailand sports education volunteer

Sports Education in Thailand

Teach sports education in Thailand and provide elementary schoolchildren with the opportunity to discover new sports. Plan and deliver physical education lessons with enthusiasm to help youngsters develop basic skills and encourage them to find out how fun fitness can be.

volunteer ghana sports education

Sports Education in Ghana

Help disadvantaged high schools students achieve their full potential by planning and delivering practical and theoretical sports education lessons in Ghana. Working at high schools in Koforidua, you’ll give teenagers the opportunity to discover how varied and fun fitness can be, bringing their experiences in line with those of their peers in wealthier areas.

volunteer costa rica sports education

Sports Education in Costa Rica

Join our Sports Education Program in Costa Rica and help schoolchildren aged between 8 and 12 learn to love physical activity. Work at under-resourced schools teaching underprivileged third to sixth-grade students about how fun fitness can be and enrich the lives of Costa Rica’s deprived youth.

costa rica community education volunteer

Community Education in Costa Rica

Volunteer on our Community Education Program and help disadvantaged children in rural Costa Rica overcome the educational barriers they face. Students in rural areas like Alajuela province struggle to attain the same standard of teaching as their peers in wealthier urban areas; with your help, youngsters can receive the tuition they need to build skills […]

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