Our Volunteer Community Projects

Community Education in Thailand

Volunteer to work with disadvantaged Cambodian children who have crossed the border into Thailand, teaching them sought-after English language skills and engaging with students outside lessons. Play games and interact with the children to improve their quality of life and equip them with skills and experience that will improve their prospects.

Childcare Center in Thailand

Volunteer at a temple daycare center in Thailand and help young, disadvantaged Thai children develop in all aspects of life. Assist staff with the children’s daily routines, teach three to five-year-olds basic English skills and encourage them to learn through play, brightening their futures.

volunteer ghana orphanage

Volunteer Work in a Ghana Orphanage

Work with children at orphanages in Ghana to provide vital life-enriching support and interaction. Help children develop emotionally, socially and academically by encouraging routine, engaging with youngsters and teaching English and other subjects at the onsite school, as well as encouraging children to learn through play, reading, sports and creative craft activities.

national parks and reserves ghana

National Parks & Reserves in Ghana

Working at one of three national parks and reserves in Ghana, volunteers provide practical assistance in maintaining the land and natural habitats within the site, promoting biodiversity conservation. You’ll have the additional responsibilities of raising awareness of environmental issues and completing behind-the-scenes research and development tasks, both in the office and in the field.

volunteer costa rica teaching english

Teaching English in Costa Rica

As a teaching English volunteer, you’ll have the opportunity to make a difference to the lives of children and adults in Costa Rica. Conversational English is a skill sought by many employers; by teaching English, you can help people in San Ramon boost their prospects and enhance their employability.

costa rica special needs volunteer

Special Needs in Costa Rica

Volunteer in Costa Rica with special needs students and provide educational and life-enriching support. Assist with lessons and recreation, organize fun activities and make a difference to the lives of children and adults with special needs like autism, blindness and Asperger’s syndrome.

volunteer costa rica orphanage

Orphanage in Costa Rica

A fifth of Costa Rican children live in poverty; many are given residence, an education and support at children’s homes and orphanages throughout the country. Volunteer to work with disadvantaged youngsters and help them through this difficult time by providing care and attention, assisting with English lessons and leading fun activities.

costa rica day care center volunteer

Daycare Center in Costa Rica

Join the uVolunteer Daycare Center Program to help disadvantaged children at subsidized daycare centers realize their potential. Volunteers care for babies and children aged up to six and teach literacy, numeracy and basic English, providing educational and emotional support.

costa rica building construction volunteer

Building & Construction in Costa Rica

Join the uVolunteer Building and Construction Program and help Costa Rican families in poverty build their own homes. With the assistance of specially-designed loans from two charitable foundations, deprived families are able to build safe, secure places to live. Volunteers help local workers with digging, construction and maintenance work, providing support.

costa rica community education volunteer

Community Education in Costa Rica

Volunteer on our Community Education Program and help disadvantaged children in rural Costa Rica overcome the educational barriers they face. Students in rural areas like Alajuela province struggle to attain the same standard of teaching as their peers in wealthier urban areas; with your help, youngsters can receive the tuition they need to build skills […]

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