From the expansive beaches and dense rainforests in Costa Rica to the vast savannahs and varied animal life in Ghana, the countries we work in are famous for their biodiversity. Every year, tourists come from around the world to experience the natural beauty and spot rare wildlife.

But as harmful human practices continue to threaten animals and their habitats, animal and environmental conservation is crucial to preserving these natural resources for future generations.

As a conservation volunteer, you can help maintain delicate ecosystems, rehabilitate injured animals, assist with re-forestation efforts and educate local communities about conservation.

Volunteer responsibilities

  • Assisting with general care and maintenance of animals and plants
  • Leading educational tours and assisting visitors
  • Conduct research and collecting data
  • Raising awareness of conservation efforts in the local community
  • Assisting with land stewardship projects

Who can volunteer?

No special skills are needed. Anyone who is passionate about animals and safeguarding the environment can join our Conservation projects

What about the schedule?

Most of our volunteers work 6 hours a day Monday to Friday, but some conservation projects may have a six day working week and longer hours. See our destination brochures for specific project details.

Volunteer conservation Projects in Costa Rica

Volunteer in Costa Rica in Environment Conservation

Become an environmental conservation volunteer and protect Costa Rica’s renowned flora and fauna. Work at an important nature reserve where you’ll maintain trails, tend the butterfly garden and greenhouse, aid reforestation attempts and help raise awareness of environmental issues and the role of the nature reserve.

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Volunteer in Costa Rica in Sea Turtle Conservation

Guard the futures of endangered sea turtles in Costa Rica by joining the Sea Turtle Conservation Program. Live on the beach and protect sea turtles from poachers and predators by maintaining the hatchery, releasing newborn turtles and patrolling the beach when night falls.

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Volunteer conservation Projects in Ghana

Volunteer in Ghana’s National Parks & Reserves

Working at one of three national parks and reserves in Ghana, volunteers provide practical assistance in maintaining the land and natural habitats within the site, promoting biodiversity conservation. You’ll have the additional responsibilities of raising awareness of environmental issues and completing behind-the-scenes research and development tasks, both in the office and in the field.

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It's very simple living, with no electricity whatsoever, but you learn to live without it, quite fast

Program Information Brochure

If you are interested in joining the program, you should download and read this program information brochure.

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