Help local teachers plan and deliver lessons, lead your own class or work with small groups of students in a larger class. Our teaching volunteer projects take place in schools, community centers and orphanages in Costa Rica, Ghana and Thailand. Volunteers teach kindergarteners, elementary school students, high school students and adults in subjects such as English, geography, math and IT.

Volunteering in a teaching project helps improve the lives of children in low-income communities, where schools too often lack the funding and resources necessary to hire native English teachers and physical education teachers.

Often, skills we take for granted like conversational fluency in English and basic computer knowledge are barriers for finding a good job and improving local residents’ economic prospects.

Both staff and students are welcoming and grateful to volunteers who contribute their time and effort to bring fresh ideas to the classroom and make classes more enjoyable.

Volunteer responsibilities

  • Assisting local teachers and leading your own classes
  • Creating lesson plans and preparing for classes
  • Encouraging students to practice new activities and skills
  • Help with spelling and pronunciation of words
  • Practicing conversational skills with students to build confidence

Who can volunteer?

You don’t need a TEFL qualification or professional teaching experience to volunteer abroad in our teaching projects. All you need are enthusiasm, a positive attitude and an open mind.

You can draw from your own experiences and passions to teach English, computer skills, math, drama, art or sports education at a school or local community center.

What about the schedule?

Volunteers may rotate between several schools during the course of a week or they may be placed at one school. Teaching volunteers usually work 6 hours a day for four days a week, with three days off for cultural exploration. However, if you would like to work additional hours, we can arrange that with your school.

Volunteer teaching Projects in Costa Rica

Volunteer in Costa Rica Teaching English

As a teaching English volunteer, you’ll have the opportunity to make a difference to the lives of children and adults in Costa Rica. Conversational English is a skill sought by many employers; by teaching English, you can help people in San Ramon boost their prospects and enhance their employability.

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Volunteer in Costa Rica in Sports Education

Join our Sports Education Program in Costa Rica and help schoolchildren aged between 8 and 12 learn to love physical activity. Work at under-resourced schools teaching underprivileged third to sixth-grade students about how fun fitness can be and enrich the lives of Costa Rica’s deprived youth.

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Volunteer and Study Spanish in Costa Rica

With uVolunteer’s Spanish language courses, you can brush up on your Spanish skills on the job, or complete a crash course before you start your placement. With a range of options and a price range to suit everyone, you’ll get the most from your volunteer abroad experience with uVolunteer.

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Volunteer in Costa Rica in a Daycare Center

Join the uVolunteer Daycare Center Program to help disadvantaged children at subsidized daycare centers realize their potential. Volunteers care for babies and children aged up to six and teach literacy, numeracy and basic English, providing educational and emotional support.

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Volunteer in Costa Rica in Community Education

You will support children in an underprivileged community center in San Ramón, assisting support workers with classes, program development, setting up outdoor games, and supervising during recess, meals and social activities.

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Volunteer teaching Projects in Ghana

Volunteer in Ghana at an Orphanage

Work with children at orphanages in Ghana to provide vital life-enriching support and interaction. Help children develop emotionally, socially and academically by encouraging routine, engaging with youngsters and teaching English and other subjects at the onsite school, as well as encouraging children to learn through play, reading, sports and creative craft activities.

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Volunteer in Ghana Teaching English

As a teaching English volunteer in Ghana, you’ll have the opportunity to improve the prospects of underprivileged children at primary, elementary and orphanage schools. Plan and deliver lessons in English and other subjects like math and science to boost the prospects of children aged five to 12.

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Volunteer in Ghana Teaching Computer Skills

Join the uVolunteer IT and Computer Education Project to help high school students in Ghana develop ICT skills and improve their prospects. Assist teachers in computer labs and deliver lessons to help students master the basics of IT, including hardware setup, software functionality, typing skills and safe use of the Internet for research.

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Sports Volunteering Ghana

Help disadvantaged high schools students achieve their full potential by planning and delivering practical and theoretical sports education lessons in Ghana. Working at high schools in Koforidua, you’ll give teenagers the opportunity to discover how varied and fun fitness can be, bringing their experiences in line with those of their peers in wealthier areas.

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Volunteer teaching Projects in Thailand

Volunteer in Thailand Teaching English

Teaching English volunteers work in public elementary schools in Thailand, creating lesson plans and teaching English classes, assisting teachers in grammar and conversational lessons, and encouraging students to practice their conversational skills to build confidence.

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Volunteer in Thailand Teaching Computer Skills

Working with a teacher in an IT class, you’ll help public elementary school students master fundamental computer skills like Microsoft Office, Internet research and typing. You can also teach classes based on any specialized computer skills you may have.

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Volunteer in Thailand in Sports Education

Sports education volunteers encourage physical activity among public school students and introduce them to new sports. They plan and deliver physical education lessons with a qualified teacher and assist with school events and inter-school competitions.

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Volunteer in Thailand in Community Education

Community education volunteers work at the Wat Klong Phet temple in Trat, teaching English classes and sports, interacting with youngsters to build confidence and improve conversational skills, preparing food, and supervising mealtimes.

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Volunteer in Thailand in Childcare

Sports education volunteers encourage physical activity among public school students and introduce them to new sports. They plan and deliver physical education lessons with a qualified teacher and assist with school events and inter-school competitions.

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It will change you forever. Just to see the smiles on their faces was enough for me

Program Information Brochure

If you are interested in joining the program, you should download and read this program information brochure.

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