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Celebrate Songkran Festival in Thailand

If you’re lucky enough to be volunteering in Thailand during mid-April, you won’t want to miss one of the biggest festivals in the nation’s Buddhist calendar: Songkran Festival. The New Year’s celebration, which takes place between April 13th and 15th, comprises all sorts of fun and festivities, including water fights!

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What’s it like being a solo traveler in Thailand?

Millions of people visit Thailand every year in groups, couples and as solo travelers, such is the country’s reputation for rich culture, beautiful natural landscapes and mouthwatering food. The idea of traveling alone can be nerve-wracking but for many people the experience is the perfect opportunity to explore without distraction, make new friends and create memories to cherish.

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6 Thai market foods you need to try on a volunteer vacation

Thailand is an exotic cultural hotspot popular with volunteers who are keen to experience a new and exciting way of life. From the bright lights of Bangkok to the serenity of the tropical beaches, Thailand has much to offer international volunteers, including flavor fusions that can’t be matched.

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Common Mistakes You Might Make When You Travel in Thailand

If you want a unique and fun traveling experience, Thailand is the perfect spot for both adventure and learning opportunities––without having to spend a fortune. The people here are exceptionally kind and open-hearted, but the country still holds the thrill of the language barrier, different modes of transportation, delicious new foods, and customs that make for a stimulating experience.

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10 Funny Things You’ll See When You Volunteer in Thailand

Volunteering abroad means getting used to a new way of life in a country that may be completely different from home. Thailand is no exception; when you volunteer here, you’ll witness customs and traditions that seem a world away from your previous experiences. As well as the cultural and ethnic differences, there will be some surprising lifestyle quirks to see – keep reading to find out more.

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What To See On a Thai Tuk-Tuk Tour in Bangkok, Thailand

The bright lights of Bangkok are a major draw for visitors to Thailand keen to experience the vibrancy and colorful culture of authentic Asia. More people visit Bangkok than any other city in the world annually, and it’s not difficult to see why; ornate temples, floating markets, pristine beaches and exotic flavors are just a clutch of the Thai capital’s attractions, and nowhere else compares for a true taste of what Thailand has to offer.

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Habits You’ll Make After You Volunteer in Thailand

Do you remember your first day of high school? You might have entered the building scared (and a little confused). You might have looked at your syllabus and had no idea where your classes were going to be held. And you might have even been nervous about finding friends to eat lunch with.

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5 Mouthwatering Foods You’ll Try As a Volunteer in Thailand

Some of your most comforting, happy memories are probably tied to foods. Maybe your mom used to make you homemade chicken noodle soup when it rained, or your friends shared fish and chips on picnics. Your memories of travel are tied to food, too––like the first time you tried fresh seafood by the ocean or the first time you ate a foreign food away from home.

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The Ultimate Volunteer in Thailand FAQ

The “Land of Smiles” lives up to its reputation. Thailand is an incredible, welcoming, friendly city full of kind people and colorful experiences. Especially for those who are interested in Asia but unsure of how bigger, busy cities would feel, Thailand is a relaxing and inviting country to travel in.

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Abigail Shrader’s Volunteer Story

I had never been to Costa Rica before or volunteered for service project outside of the country. Everyone associated with uVolunteer was extremely nice and helpful.

The overall experience was very rewarding and friendships made with the children at the community center were unforgettable it was nice that at the community center you had free range to help with what you felt you would be most useful. For example, you could play with the kids or do manual labor.

Everyone was super nice and it was a great experience. Thanks!

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