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"I had no idea what to expect for my time in Costa Rica before I came. As soon I was picked up from the airport, I knew I was going to have a good time with uVolunteer" read moreEmily Krueger


"This was the second time I volunteered with uVolunteer. Both times were amazing experiences. The first time was Thailand and this most recent time was in Costa Rica" read moreHelen Geneieve

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Projects to Suit all Requirements

Start today by choosing from a wide range of volunteer projects, travel and tour options that suit your schedule and won’t break your budget.

Environment Conservation

costa rica environmental conservation volunteer

Environment conservation Volunteering in Costa Rica

Volunteer to conserve the environment of Costa Rica by clearing trails, maintaining the butterfly garden, planting and caring for trees, leading visitor tours and raising environmental awareness.

As an environmental conservation volunteer, you’ll assist with the maintenance of a community-owned nature reserve in San Ramon, which is vital to the area’s water conservation efforts and for the survival of local biodiversity. Assist with general upkeep of the reserve and butterfly garden and raise awareness of important environmental issues.

Turtle Conservation

turtle conservation volunteer in costa rica

Sea turtle conservation volunteering in Costa Rica

Volunteer to protect sea turtles in Costa Rica by maintaining habitats and hatcheries, collecting important data, patrolling the beach for predators and poachers and releasing baby turtles into the wild.

Sea turtle conservation volunteers work during the day and night, maintaining the beach project site and hatchery, documenting turtle numbers, releasing offspring and patrolling the beach for predators and poachers. You’ll help compile vital data about sea turtles as part of an international monitoring project while protecting endangered turtle species for generations to come.

Teaching English

volunteer costa rica teaching english

Volunteer to teach English in Costa Rica

When you sign up to teach English, your responsibilities will include preparing and delivering lessons, assisting English teachers and encouraging students to practice their conversational skills.

Teaching English volunteers in Costa Rica plan and deliver lessons in schools and community classes with a focus on practical use of English. Other tasks include assisting teachers in the classroom, testing and grading students, and encouraging pupils to practice their English skills through group and one-to-one exercises.

Sports Education

volunteer costa rica sports education

Sports & Physical Ed volunteering in Costa Rica

Encourage physical activity among third to sixth grade children, teach students basic sports skills, plan and deliver lessons and assist with event days and inter-school competitions.

Volunteers joining the Sports Education Program will help plan and deliver PE lessons under the supervision of a qualified teacher. You’ll also assist teachers with lesson preparations, encourage students to become physically active, introduce children to new sports and help out with school event days and competitions.

Special Needs

costa rica special needs volunteer

Special needs volunteering in Costa Rica

Special needs volunteers provide support for students across three partly government-funded facilities in San Ramon. You’ll assist teachers with lessons and student supervision, organize enriching activities and provide general care.

Join the uVolunteer Special Needs Program and provide educational and practical support for children and adults with special needs like blindess and autism. Working at one of three partly government-funded facilities in San Ramon, you’ll assist teachers with lessons, supervise students at mealtimes and recess, organize stimulating activities and provide general care and attention.

Spanish Language

volunteer costa rica spanish language

Spanish language lessons for Costa Rica volunteers

Brush up on your Spanish for a week before starting your placement and fit lessons around volunteering for as long as you like.

Choose to spend your first weeks in Costa Rica learning Spanish over an intensive 20 hour-course before beginning your placement, or volunteer and study Spanish on the side, which comprises a first-weekend crash course and additional six-hour blocks of lessons that can be spread over a weekly period.


volunteer costa rica orphanage

Volunteer at orphanages and children’s homes in Costa Rica

Orphanage and children’s home volunteers provide educational and emotional support by teaching English, leading activities and giving children the care and attention they deserve.

As an orphanage and children’s home volunteer, you’ll work with disadvantaged children at small centers in San Ramon, providing emotional and educational support. Teach English, lead creative play and activities, help out with homework and support staff with the general upkeep of the centers.

Daycare Center

costa rica day care center volunteer

Daycare center volunteering in Costa Rica

Help deprived youngsters in Costa Rica learn through play with attention and interaction. Teach the basics of literacy and numeracy, organize enriching activities and set a positive example.

Daycare center volunteers have a varied role that includes assisting teachers in the classroom, preparing educational materials, leading English practice and organizing arts and craft activities. You’ll also assist with reading, writing and math, supervise mealtimes and recess and provide general care for babies and children up to six years of age.

Building & Construction

costa rica building construction volunteer

Building and construction volunteering in Costa Rica

Volunteer to build houses for low-income families in Costa Rica. Help out by digging foundations, laying bricks and roof tiles, mixing cement, plastering, painting and maintaining community buildings.

As a building and construction volunteer in Costa Rica, you’ll provide additional labor resources for disadvantaged families building their own homes. Working in rural areas of San Ramon, you’ll clear building sites, dig foundations, lay bricks and roof tiles, plaster, paint and mix cement, as well as helping out with routine maintenance of community buildings and schools.

Community Education

costa rica community education volunteer

Community Education volunteering in Costa Rica

Volunteer on our Community Education Program to help disadvantaged children in Costa Rica develop academically and personally, building their reading, organizational and social skills.

Community education volunteers in Costa Rica care for babies and children at the daycare facility, after-school club and community center, teaching youngsters how to read and helping out with homework. Other responsibilities include supervising children using the play areas, organizing fun activities and playing sports with students.

Costa Rica

Volunteer in Costa Rica

Why you should visit Costa Rica for your volunteer vacation?

Volunteer in Costa Rica – Costa Rica lays between the cooler Pacific Ocean and the warmer Caribbean Sea. With its natural beauty, rich biodiversity and an interesting history, it offers a memorable cultural and sensory experience for your volunteer work abroad adventure.

Your volunteer efforts are most needed in education, child care, conservation and construction. Costa Ricans are hospitable and very friendly to visitors. They are especially appreciative of those coming to helping improve the quality of life.

Volunteer in Costa Rica

Brush-up your Spanish Language Skills Before your Volunteer Placement

Volunteer in Costa Rica – Costa Rica is rapidly modernizing… it is very popular with travelers and has a lot of activities to offer visitors. It has a good standard of living, is very safe and has great potential for economic growth and development.

As a Spanish-speaking country, you will have ample opportunities to learn and practice the language, both formally in your work projects and informally with the locals in the community.

If you feel you need to learn or brush-up on your Spanish language, we’ve partnered with a local Spanish language school that you can enroll in before your Volunteer in Costa Rica work placement.

Volunteer in Costa Rica

The best volunteer vacation possible, and justifiably it’s our most popular destination

Volunteer in Costa Rica – As long as you are enthusiastic, passionate and committed, you’ll have an amazing and likely life-changing experience. No previous qualifications or experience is necessary to work in any of our volunteer work placements.

It doesn’t matter if you are 17 or 60, on a gap-year, a student, career breaker or a retiree. You can be from the USA, Canada, UK, Europe, Africa or Australasia. Volunteering abroad in Costa Rica will be a greatly rewarding experience that will enable you to make new friends from all over the world, whilst making a positive impact to your work placement and get to know this amazing country.

The Dormitory

San Ramon Dorm

Your home away from home

Safe and Secure Group Living Most volunteers stay in our volunteer dormitory (the dorm). The dorm is within easy reach of downtown and is the central hub of the program locally.

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