Volunteering in an Orphanage in Ghana

In Ghana, factors like lack of sanitation and limited access to advanced healthcare mean life expectancy is much lower than in Western nations. More than a million children are orphaned by disease, financial struggle or abandonment at a young age, and many receive board, meals and an education at orphanages throughout the nation.

Join our orphanage project to work with children at small, private orphanages in Koforidua and make a difference in all areas of their lives.

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Orphanage volunteers assist staff at three dedicated facilities in Koforidua, helping out with children with homework, planning fun activities and playing sports. You will encourage routine and teach in the on-site school, as well as inspire youngsters to learn through play, arts and crafts.

Download our information brochure to find out more about volunteering at an orphanage in Ghana.

Quick facts

  • Program: Volunteer Ghana
  • Location: Koforidua
  • Minimum Duration: 2 Weeks
  • Language Requirement: Int. English
  • Airport Pick-up: Yes, for $75
  • Travel Insurance Not included
  • Suitable for Groups: Yes
  • Region: Eastern Region
  • Project Site: Orphanage School
  • Minimum Age: 18
  • Accommodation: Volunteer House
  • Meals: 2 Meals Daily
  • Start Dates: Every Other Friday
  • Suitable for Families: Yes

Your role as a volunteer

As an orphanage volunteer in Ghana, you’ll support children orphaned by poverty, disease and abandonment. Working at small, private orphanages in Koforidua, volunteers help children with their daily schedules, organizing fun activities and teaching basic skills in the on-site school to aid development.

Tasks may include:

  • Teaching English and other subjects
  • Feeding, washing and playing with toddlers
  • Helping in the kitchen and supervising mealtimes
  • Assisting with homework
  • Playing sports with the children
  • Leading storytime, reading, arts and crafts

Work schedule

Orphanage volunteers work four days per week, from Monday to Thursday, between four and six hours per day. Your schedule may vary depending on where you’re based, the time of year and how many other volunteers are helping out at the same time.

During school holidays, staff will need extra help as the children will be at the orphanage home all day. Volunteers are encouraged to organize both fun and educational activities to keep the children busy during these long days.

Journey to work

The orphanage is around a 30-minute bus ride from the volunteer dormitory.

Closed dates

The orphanages are open year around.

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Project Reviews & Testimonials

The air pollution was hard to ignore and I was starting to drench from the heat already.

However, when I saw my long time friend Fred at the airport I hardly noticed all those distractions. I scheduled for the uVolunteer coordinators to pick me up at my hotel the following day. Nathanial and Nancy's flexibility and professionalism helped make my trip better and comfortable.

I came to Ghana to really work hard in an orphanage, so I really wanted to give it all that I had.

I got up early and made sure I was there all day, to get the full experience. It was definitely not the kind of experience I had imagined at all, but after the first couple of days I adjusted and found my groove and realized that the best I can do is give it my all.

I arrived in Accra on January 13, 2012.

My volunteer coordinators were waiting for me at the airport; they have been helpful and kind since then. My experience was wonderful because of their guidance and support.

Arriving in Ghana, I was exited to immerse myself in a new country and continent.

My month stay in Koforidua was one to remember!

Teaching in the orphanage was intense, and often quite difficult.

There is no curriculum to follow, you are very much left to figure out what you will teach on your own. But after the first day I was able to get to know my class, and figure out the level they were at, and had some basic activities and lessons worked out for the next day.

I started my project at the central hospital on the first Monday I was there, where I volunteered at the physiotherapy and pediatrics departments.

The doctors gave me a very warming reception and I began contributing to these departments from the first time I volunteered. As a recent graduate of Kinesiology and as a research student in spinal cord injury I found that there was a lot of contribute to the physiotherapy department.

When I first arrived in Ghana I was really nervous and excited all at the same time.

As soon as I received my luggage, Annette was right there to meet me. We then drove to the dorm that was approximately an hour and a half away. I really enjoyed this car ride because I got the chance to observe everything.

The program I participated in was set up specifically for me as there was not an established "Teaching IT" program in Ghana.

I am so grateful to uVolunteer for taking the time to do this as I really wanted to come to Africa, wanted to stay in a dorm, but dorm accommodations are only available in the Ghana, Costa Rica, and Thailand.

I thought my coming here would satiate my thirst for travel for a while, but instead it has only created a yearning to see and do more.

I love knowing there is an entire world out there to explore and so many people to meet. I will definitely use uvolunteer in the future if a trip such as this one is possible for me. I love what they stand for and their emphasis on making such a trip affordable.

Program Information Brochure

If you are interested in joining the program, you should download and read this program information brochure.

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