Program Application Steps

Step 1. All program bookings are made using our online registration form at

When you apply to a program with uVolunteer you will be required to submit a registration fee.

The registration fee demonstrates intent and secures a place on the program while we arrange the booking of your program with our local partners.

If you are reserving the program, with less than 60 days before your programs Arrival Date, you will be required to pay the total program fee at the time of reservation.

Step 2. After completing the online registration form we will create a user account on our website and send you an account activation email.

Step 3. Activate your account and complete your user profile and a more detailed program application form.

This application form will collect:

  • Personal Identification Information
  • Background and Experience
  • Motivation and Skills Information
  • Emergency Information
  • Police Background Check – if required by the project
  • Health and Dietary Information

Please make sure that you give yourself time to complete the program application form after registering on the program. You will have a 2-day period to complete the user profile and program application form.

Step 4. We use the information collected on the application form to assess your eligibility and to book the program abroad with our local partners.

Step 5. When we have completed booking your program with our local partner, we will send you an email to let you know that the booking process has been completed.

If for whatever reason, we are unable to complete your booking and place you on your chosen program, we will immediately refund in full any payments you have made to us.

The program booking completed email will also introduce you to your program advisors and the local program staff who will supervise your program from start to finish.

Step 6. After program booking process your program supervisors will assist you through the whole process of post-registration until arrival to your program destination.

Step 7. You have now completed the booking and application process. Your spot on the program is secured and the program pre-arrival process starts at 6-weeks before your program’s arrival date.

You now know how to apply to the program. Back to the registration form: