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"I had a life changing experience in Ghana, from the people, the country, the nature, the kids, and most of all the culture. I highly recommended my friends to go through uVolunteer" read moreSammar Shahidi


"This was the first time in my life I travelled alone and although it was terrifying at first, it ended up giving me a certain confidence that I definitely did not know I had before" read moreCaitlin Dougherty

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Teaching English

ghana teaching english volunteer

Volunteer to teach English in Ghana

Teaching English volunteers deliver lessons at schools and orphanages in and around Koforidua, also teaching other subjects and generally being a positive role model for the children.

Teaching English volunteers in Ghana plan and deliver lessons in schools and orphanages with the goal of improving children’s conversational English skills. As well as teaching English and encouraging interaction and language practice, volunteers also take classes on other subjects, including math, science and geography.

Teaching Computers

volunteer ghana teaching computer skills

Volunteer to teach IT and computer education in Ghana

Help disadvantaged high school students develop skills for success by joining the uVolunteer IT and Computer Education Project. Teach basic computer functionality and showcase any special skills you have.

As an IT and computer education volunteer in Ghana, you’ll support high school children in their educational development. Teaching basic skills like computer functionality, typing and use of simple programs like Microsoft Office, you’ll help students realize their potential and broaden their horizons.

Sports Education

volunteer ghana sports education

Volunteer to teach sports education in Ghana

Introduce disadvantaged Ghanaian teenagers to new sports, build their confidence and help them to unlock their potential through sports education volunteering.

Share your passion for sport with underprivileged high school students in Koforidua when you join the uVolunteer Sports Education Project. Volunteers plan and deliver practical and theory-based PE lessons, encouraging 14 to 18-years-olds to develop skills in sports like basketball and soccer and helping them achieve their full potential.

Parks & Reserves

national parks and reserves ghana

National parks and reserves volunteering in Ghana

National parks and reserves volunteers help maintain the site of their choice, working to slow deforestation rates and conserve the biodiversity within Ghana’s protected natural spaces.

As a national parks and reserves volunteer in Ghana, you’ll help halt dangerous deforestation rates and protect the biodiversity within Ghana’s national parks and reserves. Volunteers provide hands-on assistance clearing trails, renovating and constructing facilities and contributing to land stewardship projects, also helping out with administrative duties and research and documentation tasks.


ghana health care medical volunteer

Medical and healthcare volunteering in Ghana

Medical and healthcare volunteers in Ghana gain experience of uncommon conditions and provide hands-on support at a busy hospital, working in departments like general practice, surgery and physical therapy.

As a medical and healthcare volunteer you’ll work in a busy hospital in Koforidua, where you’ll experience uncommon conditions and have the opportunity to observe diagnoses and treatment. Get hands-on in the general practice, maternity or surgical departments and build your skillset by supporting doctors and nurses in carrying out basic tasks like taking blood and setting up IV lines.


volunteer in ghana

Why You Should Visit Ghana For Your Volunteer Vacation?

Volunteer in Ghana – As one of the safest countries in Africa, Ghana is one of the most popular destination for a volunteer work abroad experience on the continent. It’s also considered a microcosm for Africa because of its diversity in geography, climate and culture. You’ll find pristine sandy beaches giving way to wide-open plains on its southern coast, verdant and unspoiled rain forests, beautifully stark deserts and savannah teeming with wildlife.

But the cities are a whole different experience. Living in such a colorful and vibrant place, with busy markets, traffic and people, you’ll feel a bit of sensory overload.

Music is an especially integral part of people’s lives. If you choose to Volunteer in Ghana You’ll hear some of the most energetic rhythms anywhere when you’re out in the day and at night. Things that you can do in your free time are chill on secluded beaches, feed wild monkeys, watch birds and observe elephants, try the local remedies!!, visit slave castles, and try out the world famous Ghanaian dance called – Azonte.

Volunteer in Ghana

Ghanaians have a reputation for friendliness, personality and hospitality known the world over

Volunteer in Ghana – Above all, Ghanians will love to share all aspects of their vibrant culture and heritage with you, whether it’s the music, dance, architecture, festivals, crafts, art or food. Don’t miss out on trying some Ghanaian chocolate, which is considered to be some of the finest in the world.

Ghana is relative compact country, with an area just under 92,500 square miles that is equivalent in size to the United Kingdom. During your time off work, when you go exploring, your travel expenses will also be low. Prices for lodging and food are quite inexpensive. But you can also live it up if your budget allows.

Even with greater economic advancements in the country and a growing middle class, much of Ghana remains beset with poverty. More than 40% of its adult population has some form of illiteracy, having only gone to school for a few years before leaving to work…or sometimes, not at all. Their homes lack basic necessities such as electricity and running water. Therefore, our volunteer placements in this country focus on teaching, childcare, sports, health care and medical, as well as environmental conservation.

Volunteer in Ghana

The best volunteer holiday possible, and justifiably it’s has been chosen as best of Africa.

Volunteer in Ghana – Remember that you don’t need to have training or qualifications for any of our work placements. As long as you are enthusiastic, passionate and committed, you’ll have an amazing and likely life-changing experience.

And it doesn’t matter if you’re 17 or 70, if you’re a recent graduate or a retiree, or if you’re from the Western or Eastern Hemisphere. You will be welcomed as a volunteer in one of our programs.

The Dormitory

Koforidua Dorm

Your home away from home

Safe and Secure Group Living Most volunteers stay in our volunteer dormitory (the dorm). The dorm is within easy reach of downtown and is the central hub of the program locally.

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