Valentina Carrillo was the winner of our first-ever uVolunteer travel scholarship. To help future volunteers see what the experience is really like, she wrote four blogs for us during her stay in San Ramon, Costa Rica––covering everything from her life in the dormitory to her project working with children with special needs. This is blog #4 on her travels.

August 11th, 2015

uvolunteer-travel-scholarship-winner-valentinas-final-week-2Today began the fourth and last week of volunteering at the special needs project. I am very comfortable at the school, and I have made great friends with the teachers and staff. I've gotten to be mentor and companion to the kids. It will be very tough to say goodbye knowing that I don't know when I'll see them again. I will incredibly miss their favorite songs, sports, made-up words, and warm hugs in the morning. They truly taught me more than I could have possibly ever taught them. I will try to stay in touch and help with everything they need. This experience has beyond changed me and taught me. But for the four days remaining, I will enjoy every second I have with these sweet kids. Last week, we had a full week of work and learning. We did the usual types of activities, although every day is different. I have made a special frienship with the cook of the school, who invited me for dinner and a movie to her house with her kids after school one day. Also, I was lucky enough to be invited on a field trip, which took place at Los Laureles hot springs in La Fortuna. It was amazing to see the kids in a different and very stimulating environment. I met the parents of the kids, who turned out to be as inspirational as the kids, themselves. We shared a meal together, swam, and enjoyed that beautiful area of Costa Rica. On the weekend, we went to La Fortuna, Arenal, Monteverde and Santa Elena, where we hiked, swam, toured the canopy, and traveled. Here goes my last week of the best month of my life, and although I have exciting events to look forward to when I arrive home, I will enjoy this week and greatly miss it when I'm far.

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