My last Entry Work today was fine, I just keep getting so sleepy after lunch again. But then Maria came and painted my nails! Jimmy is a math genius by the way!!! He was doing multiplication and division flash cards and flew through the whole set in under a minute.

Tonight Brittany and I collected rocks, then everyone in the house painted them to decorate outside. It was so so fun. We also shared chocolates and cheese with crackers. They planned it as a start to my "birthday week."


I have never had anybody plan any type of birthday celebration for me, so this made me so happy. It's amazing how these people who I have only known for 3 weeks care about me this much!

overall, this was an incredible experience for me. Although I have given thought to how the program could have been done differently, I wouldn’t change this experience for the world! The children have made everything worthwhile, and it is going to be so hard leaving them!

As part of my scholarship assignment I also had to make this short video of my trip. I hope you like it.


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