Tuesday - July 19, 2016 Work was better today; there were more kids, and I got to help more inside of the classroom. I almost forgot that the name of my project is Community Education because for the plast 2 weeks we have not done any educational programs since the kids were on vacation.

I wish I could go into the kids' school for a day to see what it is like. I also was hoping I could help teach the kids more. For example, when a child gets one of the multiplication cards wrong, I want to explain and teach them how to do it correctly. They use the method of counting on their fingers. We only have 2 minutes to go through the cards though then there is usually another person waiting in line right after.


I get to take more time with reading because We Get 10 minutes. There is a Pinocio book That helps the younger kids pronounce words. They take the time to pronounce each syllable individually. The older kids read very quickly, so This must be how they are taught then with practice they learn to put the whole word together.

Jimmy, Joelle, Jenna, and I (Lol at all the J's) played a very intense game of soccer today, and Jimmy accidently kicked the ball in my face. Ingrid came for a brief minute and gave me some dried plantains. I helped turn the jump rope for What felt like hours.

So, afterwork i had planned to go run and do a workout at the University of Costa Rica here in San Ramon. At first, i got lost because o couldnt find the hospital i was supposed to turn right at. When i finally found UCR, I aske some guys lifting weights where the track was. Here this guy came up to me, just casually talking and then he said "I'm CRAZY to learn English, I mean I will do ANYTHING." The way he said it really creeped me out, so I told him I needed to go and finish my workout, but he would not go away. He continued to talk about how he was going to bike to Nicaragua (?!?) and also he said that Bajo Where the center is is a very nice part of town (it is actually very poor).

I see Brittany and Nicole then walk back to the house with them. I for sure will not be going back to UCR, which is upsetting because I was really hoping to meet some cool local students there (not that strange boy). Tonight Brittany and I finalized our plans to go to playas del coco this weekend. I am excited!


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