Monday - July 18, 2016 Today at the center we did not have many kids come. No more than 25 kids came throughout the course of the whole day. They started school today, plus it was raining very heavily.

In the morning, I helped one child with math flashcards and another make a word search for science class. Lunch was fun we all practiced speaking in Spanish with Joelle, Jenna's sister who does not know much Spanish. They are also planning a breakfast Thursday for my birthday.

My birthday is on Monday, but it is a holiday so we will not be here plus Natasha is leaving for vacation.


The afternoon was tough to stay awake with all of the rain. Jenna, Joelle, and I stayed inside to help Natasha with her autoestima (self-esteem) class for her job as a social worker. We watched a very sad video in which the protagonist did not have arms or legs. He was made fun of all his life until he found where he belonged in the circus. We couldn't hear what the people in the video were saying because the rain was so loud, but even just watching it we all cried at the end. Then we continued by talking about being happy with ourselves, trusting in God, and we determined what level of self-esteem we have.

I am really enjoying the time we spend at the end of the day just talking and getting to know each other in the house. I was worried that we may not all get along but it has been great, even the family is fun to be around.


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