Monday – July 11, 2016 Today I couldn’t bring myself to go on a run because I am so tired from the trip this weekend! I am debating if I will go on another one this weekend.

But I realize if I don’t go, I only have one more weekend to travel and then the next weekend I go home! A whole month is going to fly by.


I still do not have my Spanish where I want it to be. I need to start speaking it more with the native speakers. Jenna also really wants to become fluent in Spanish. We worked quizzed each other on our Spanish verbs and vocabulary to and from work today.

Work today was different because the Chapin church group is gone. There were not even half as Many kids as There were last week. It is still vacation for the kids and they do not have school work, so we decided to plan a week of fun activities for the kids.

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Today is table games and Bingo. We played a lot of games like Connect Four, puzzles, coloring, trouble, and Dominos. We even brought out a hacky sack toss. Today’s lunch was my favorite - tuna pasta! It’s such a nice break from arroz con pollo. I really want to learn how to make these meals, but I am just never up in time to watch… Later in the afternoon today we had Futbolín, Bingo, and ping pong.

After work today, I had to go to the store and rack up on snacks. I was just so hungry, my stomach is always growling! My metabolism is just too fast.


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