Our Application Process

Our registration, application and pre-arrival processes are very easy and done entirely online. At all times during the process, we will be available by email and telephone.

  1.  Reserve on the program here: https://www.uvolunteer.net/booking
  2. The reservation form will also collect your contact and placement information. It will also request payment of your reservation deposit ($349) or the full program fee if you are applying within 60 days of your start date.
  3. The reservation deposit is not an extra fee it’s only an initial part payment. The remainder of your fee is due 60 days before arrival.
  4. Once the reservation form has been submitted you will shortly receive an email to activate your account on our website.
  5. Activate and log into your account using the details you supplied on the reservation form.
  6. Complete the program application form and upload a passport type photo.
  7. Once you have completed all of the application forms – you will automatically be given access to your Program Summary. Please read the program summary carefully.
  8. We will then book your placement locally. Depending on your project it can take from 1-5 days to book your placement.
  9. The welcome email will have a link to your – Pre-Arrival Checklist. Read this document and book your flight.
  10. Shortly after you receive your Pre-Arrival Checklist and your local program coordinator will contact you by email.
  11. Purchase your flight and send us the arrival information using the arrival tab on your profile on our website.
  12. Before arrival, you will receive your Program Cultural Handbook and you will also receive an Arrival & Contact Info sheet before your departure.