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Project Overview

  • Region: Latin America
  • Program: Volunteer Costa Rica
  • Location: Pacific and Caribbean Coasts
  • Base Price: $875 for 2 Weeks
  • Price for Extra Weeks: $175
  • Groups & Family: Yes
  • Language Required: Basic Spanish
  • Minimum Duration: 2 Week
  • Minimum Age: 18 Years
  • Accommodation Type: Research Station
  • Meals Included: 3 Meals
  • Start Dates: Friday, Every 2 weeks
  • Airport Pick-up: Included in price
  • Travel Insurance Included: Yes

What's not included: Flight, Visa Costs, In-country Transportation

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Project Start Dates, Dutations and Fees

Pay a $349 deposit to reserve your spot. Pay the rest 60 days before arrival.

Project Details

Project Overview: The Sea Turtle Conservation project gives volunteers a unique, hands on opportunity to learn about wildlife preservation and aid the nesting and hatching of Costa Rica's endangered marine turtles. Sea turtles lay an average of 50-150 eggs per clutch, with Hawksbill turtles laying over 200. Volunteers potentially help thousands of sea turtles have a better chance of survival.

Prior experience or training in conservation isn't necessary, but we do look for volunteers that have a passion for working with wildlife. You should be comfortable with manual labor at unusual hours and staying in humble accommodations. Work can be done on a variety of Costa Rica's beaches, protecting turtles and their nests from poachers, predators, and recent threats of soil erosion. You'll work on the beach, in the local hatchery, and sometimes in the nearest towns or villages.

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What will I be doing? Your duties will be various, including nightly patrols, cleaning, and protecting the nesting beach against poachers and predators. You'll also be responsible for shifts at the hatchery; collecting research, breeding, incubation, and nesting information; transferring eggs to the hatchery; releasing baby turtles; and maintaining the camp and hatchery site.

Where will I be volunteering? You will be based on a beach in the North or Central Pacific coasts of Costa Rica. We send the majority of our volunteers to the following three turtle laying location; Playas Buena Vista, Montezuma and Matapalo.

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What will be my schedule? The project schedule requires that you work 6 days a week. The schedule is very flexible and shift duration is dependent on how many volunteers are on site. Generally, you will work 4-8 hours per day in the morning, afternoon, and night. Patrolling activities will typically be performed at night while research and camp maintenance are conducted during the day.

Read This Project's Testimonials

Below are testimonials of previous volunteers on this project. Click though to their full reports where you can view their video reports, photos and you can also contact them directly by email to ask about their experiences with us in Costa Rica.

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Costa Rica is our chosen destination for Latin America. Costa Rica is a tropical paradise; this tiny gem of a country in Central America possesses incredible beaches, cloud forests, mountains, and unbeatable biodiversity. Costa Rica is a safe and ideal location for first time travelers. Its laid back 'Pura Vida' lifestyle will ensure that all volunteers are treated to a warm, welcoming experience.