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Project Overview

  • Region: Latin America
  • Program: Volunteer Costa Rica
  • Location: San Ramon
  • Base Price: $875 for 2 Weeks
  • Price for Extra Weeks: $175
  • Groups & Family: No
  • Language Required: Int. Spanish
  • Minimum Duration: 2 Week
  • Minimum Age: 18 Years
  • Accommodation Type: Dorm Home
  • Meals Included: 3 Meals
  • Start Dates: Friday, Every 2 weeks
  • Airport Pick-up: Included in price
  • Travel Insurance Included: Yes

What's not included: Flight, Visa Costs, In-country Transportation

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Project Start Dates, Dutations and Fees

Pay a $349 deposit to reserve your spot. Pay the rest 60 days before arrival.

Project Details

Project Overview: Some areas in Costa Rica are affected by extreme poverty, which means that families often suffer poor living conditions that cause abuse, illness, and even the untimely death of parents. Children who are victims of such situations are placed in children's homes and orphanages around the country. Unfortunately, these homes have a shortage of staff, depriving the children of much needed individual attention.

Your work as a volunteer will give relief to the children and overworked "Tias" ("aunties") of the homes. In addition to providing emotional support and encouragement, you'll help the children with learning activities, including English lessons. No child care or teaching credentials are required, but volunteers should be passionate about working with children. You should also be compassionate and creative when it comes to arranging educational and recreational activities for children of various ages.

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What will I be doing? Being a role model for the children and giving them emotional support is very important. Duties include teaching English and organizing activities for learning and play. You'll also take the lead during certain activities so that the orphanage staff are free to attend to other matters, and provide any help in maintaining and running the home.

Where will I be volunteering? You will be based in San Ramon, Alajuela. San Ramon is one of the larger Central Valley coffee towns and is set in a scenic basin enclosed by rolling mountains. It is a very traditional, unique and close knit town. National Geographic Magazine referred to San Ramon as having the best climate in the world.

San Ramon is about an hour drive north of the capital San Jose. It has the central Pacific Coast beaches located a couple of hours to the west and is located just south of Costa Rica's cloud forest belt and west of Lake Arenal.

San Ramon central location makes it an ideal base for travel around Costa Rica. Apart from its weather and central location, the people of San Ramon are some of the friendliest people you will meet in Costa Rica. They are genuinely welcoming to travelers, and are eager to make everyone feel welcome. The town has campuses of the 3 main Costa Rican universities; this ensures that San Ramon has a vibrant social life.

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What will be my schedule? The project schedule requires that you work 4 days a week, Monday to Thursday, for a maximum of 6 hours per day. Your shift will be in the morning or in the afternoon.

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Costa Rica is our chosen destination for Latin America. Costa Rica is a tropical paradise; this tiny gem of a country in Central America possesses incredible beaches, cloud forests, mountains, and unbeatable biodiversity. Costa Rica is a safe and ideal location for first time travelers. Its laid back 'Pura Vida' lifestyle will ensure that all volunteers are treated to a warm, welcoming experience.